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A New Era of Smart life 2021

There are people in this world who bring fire in the dark, so even in the dark, we have light, but fire is dangerous after all. So Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, and Edison invented the lamp. The lamp is a major invention of humanity to conquer the darkness of the

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How smart plug and smart remote controller change your live?

Under the concept of the IoT, smart plug, smart remote controller and smart panel controller are the products born with the idea of the smart home. The smart home can be operated by a smart touch screen, remote control, smartphone or tablet PC, without any limitation of time and space.

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Iron man

When science fiction movies come to life

When I was first introduced to science fiction movies, I imagined that my future home could be controlled at will.Nowadays, smart light bulbs and smart LED controllers can be controlled by smartphones or voices at will. Science fiction movies give people an infinite reverie, and the sky is impressed by

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