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The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth Mesh

The Ultimate Guide to Bluetooth Mesh

With the progress of science and technology, the smart home has slowly stepped into the home life of ordinary residents, which will certainly be the future development trend of lifestyle. In the current smart home equipment market is rich and colorful, a variety of equipment networking methods are different, in the cost, power consumption, distance, …

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RGB LED controller

What’s a LED Controller?

An LED controller is required to control multi-colored LED strips. This is also switched between the LED power supply and the LED strip and takes over the color management for the colored LED lighting. LED controllers offer the possibility of fine-tuning the desired color, generating color gradients, and controlling the brightness and the switching status …

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How does dimmer work?

We are often asked about the subject of “dimming LED lamps and LED strips lights“. How LED Controllers can conveniently control with an LED remote control or a mobile phone app. That’s why we want to go into a little more detail in this article.  1.Dimming of LEDs2.What types of dimming are there?3.How are LEDs dimmed?4.In which dimming …

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